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Solutions for Big Data Analytics, Platform & BI Tools  

Big Data, as term implies We are pioneer in Big data Solutions and provides integration services and Dita visualization application development for our customers. What is Big data? How it benefits and affect Decision making in real time. are the queries we are taking serious. Many companies stores data and archives for many years. This big pile of data left idle and after many years discards as they thought,  is of no us and they don’t even know what to do with it and how to manage it. Still struggling with limited type reporting system which is almost offline and do not have much relevance in this competitive super fast market changing environment  But actually this data can transform complete futureof any company. 

In this fast changing, technological dependency and huge data storage can be advantageous for any company.  This new technology can help companies to define new strategies and adaptation of new market trends with best decision making portals after process and convert data into meaning full analytical system with user friendly interfaces having communicative graphical dashboard with real time data.

Big data technology offers Analysis, process and extract desired information using various tools in the market. These technologies can be categories in two parts - 

  • Operational Real-time data processing - Best use case is Railway reservation system, provide information to the system, it will be able to book on the basis of the information like senior citizens should have lower birth. Social media, advertising, customer search all have real-time big data processing.

  • Analytical Data processing - This system using advance big data technologies and more complex algorithm required for real time decision making like in Stock market.

​We provide all types of Big data solution for Big Data Analytics and also integrate Data Analytics Platform and BI Tools including the user interface customization as per clients requirement, We take care of following areas to implement big data analytics. - 

  1. Data Storage - Big data storage requires different tools like Hadoop, MangoDB etc.

  2. Data Mining - Tools available in the market and initially we integrate these tools to run big pile for meaniingful analytical solutions.

  3. Data Analytics - These tools provide  streaming and use for written algorithms on correlated real-time data for visualization. also helps to create alerts, notification and reports.

  4. Data Visualization - End-user application provides graphical representation of data.

Our Services includes - 


Our team of data experts provide all types of consultation regarding Data ingestion, Data warehousing, Data management using popular platforms and softwares available in the market. 

Our team analyse the current technology infrastructure , condition and size of data like it's structured or un-structured and what kind of platform and software can be implemented and integrated with current infrastructure.  What language and system can manage and streamline all kind of data sources and how and where it will be store to get maximum benefits.

There are complete different infrastructure require to manage, process and present huge data which will continuously increases so the processing speed matters.  

 Our consultation includes -

  • Big Data Analytics Tools and architecture

  • Cloud infrastructure setup and Monitoring system

  • Application customization requirement analysis

  • Technology  adaptation & Infrastructure 

  • Business Intelligence and more

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Big Data Solutions

There many Big data technologies available in market. And We here to help implement these. We also provide customize solutions. We work with following technologies to provide best big data solutions-

  • Data Lakes

  • Hadoop Ecosystems

  • Apache Sparks

  • NoSQL Databases

  • Blockchain

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Big Data Security 

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Edge Computing

  • R-Language



We work with all latest technologies which supports Big Data, BI and Artificial Intelligence. 

  • Languages - Java, Python, .Net and PHP

  • Methodologies - Agile, Iterative (Scrum) and modular  

  • Architectural Framework - N-Tier , SOA, Event Driven and batch processing 

  • Data Storage - Hadoop (Java), MongoDB and Spunk

  • Data Mining - Presto (open source), Rapid miner, etc.

  • Data Analytics - Splunk, R-language, Block chain and Spark

  • Data Visualization - Tableau, Power BI and Plotly

  • Other AI Technologies - TensorFlow, Docker, Kubernetes and much more.

Just ask for it - mail at

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BI & Data Warehouse Solutions

Business Intelligence is combination of business analytics,  data mining , data visualization, data tools and other infrastructure to provide all type of processed information to compare stored, real-time and predictive analysis of business operations.

We facilitate here to implement BI tools to achieve best decision making. We implement Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and other BI tools and integration with current system to make data-driven decision which will helps in -

  • Analyse Customer Behavior

  • Analyse competitive global market

  • Optimize operations

  • Predictive Accuracy

  • Achieve Market trends

  • Discover new problem areas

We customize and develop -

  • Dynamic dashboards

  • Data Visualization  - real-time 

  • Dynamic Reporting

  • Online Analytical processing and more 

Mail us for more information -


Platform Integration

We work with best Big data platform available in the market. 

  • ​Microsoft Azure, it supports the broadest selection of operating systems and programming language

  • Amazon Web Services - offers broad set of cloud-based products

  • Google BigQuery - low cost enterprise data warehouse for analytics and is server less

  • VMware - Cloud management platform with complete solutions

  • Google Bigdata - Analytics and machine intelligence managing big amount of data.

  • IBM Big Data offering next generation architecture

  • Oracle Bigdata analytics - helps enterprise manage their organisation


Implementation & support

Do you need support for your existing system, want transformation, or implementation of Big data solutions, We provide customer support for your problem areas and optimize solutions with complete maintenance support.

You can mail us at for more. 

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