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Consultancy Services

We offer wide range of  consultancy  services for our customers at reasonable price range and customize requirements. We also help you to outsourcing your requirement and find-out  best consultancy agencies , if not provided by us near to your location. We soon come-up with the directory for all consultation services at one place, search it and find it. We work for all small to big scale industries as well as home based business to reach global market with our digital solutions, manage your finance, product evaluation for current market demands, resource planning and training, risk management services, re-design your business and help you to get best reporting tools for decision making for growth and development of an organisation. Our solutions are specifically paperless and digitized.  Below are the services we provide for our valuable customers

Business Meeting

BUSINESS & Strategy

Our team of experts help companies and corporate houses to improve and re-design business strategies to create long term vision and stay in highly competitive global business. We do data analysis and market research with our high-tech digital methods.  We support our clients for market expansion, brand projection and new client acquisitions. How we do it -

  • We gather the facts for current and past performance and do SWOT analysis of both external and internal factors 

  • Prepare  Vision Statement to describe future plans &  mission statement to achieve the it.

  • Identify strategic objectives with KPIs, resource planning and allocation & find budget requirements

  • Disintegration of long term plan and delegation to concern departments.

  • Inclusion of technology for reporting tools for accurate results and increase visibility in global platform

  • Risk Analysis and Quality monitoring with short term reviews

  • Our main strategies are -

    • Increase network​ using digital marketing

    • Create Referrals for new business relationships

    • Prepare web portals, news & events

    • Advertisements & Sponsorship  programs

    • Outbound Telephone and emails 

    • Content Marketing & Blogging

    • Demos (in-person or digital

Monitoring Room

Risk  & Compliance

Many organisation works for their clients with some pre-defined rules and regulations which should be applied as per agreements between two parties which involves in highly sensitive data of third party clients and customers like Insurance companies, Healthcare, Financial transactions, KPO/BPO's Call Centers. 

We provide complete support to implement & Maintain policies, regulations, standards & ethical methods. We also implement ISMS policies, setup of BCP for offshore clients, Update our customers  for change in government regulations every years.  We help enforcing compliance, our auditors audits and help you to detect the flaws, frauds and irregularities which may leads to fines or lawsuits.

 Our methodology includes -

  • Gather information and analysis of current policies and regulations

  • Find our the risk factors and risk treatment parameters to minimize the risks

  • Prepare compliance program, provide training to implement and maintain the documents for external audit agencies.

  • Our team with continuous in touch with the management at every level to monitor the risks under both legal and financial management.

  • Provide industry wise risk & compliance support

Children in Science Class

Education & Internship

Our Educational Consultation team, provide students proper guidance at any stage of their education. We cover students of age group of 12 onward. Our idea is simple - education is fun. Our consultation includes -

  1. Counselling before and after exams - one to one

  2. Provide easy education methods 

  3. Open Discussion forums to share interest

  4. Help them to choose career as per their interest - complete guidance 

  5. One to one counselling to parents and children 

Out Internship program is especially for students who want to learn new things, work for us and earn stipend or certification. These programs are of 1/3/6 monthly basis and Payment plan work according to the performance and capabilities of the students. 


Don't sit and waste your vacation learn various technologies and projects for us to strong your career decisions. Our motto is simple - Be Professional Be confident and Integrate your talent with career. Let's start with us 

Happy Hour

Image Consultation

Career, Education and other skills require for better life and growth of society. But most of us never though of professional behavior and image transformation role in career growth and achieving their goal. Image consultation is as much as important education and knowledge skills. Most of people highly educated but lacking in communication, professional attitude, office dressing sense which definitely important for largest part of corporate world. 

Our team of image consultants help you to stand distinguish from the crowd. We help you in following areas -

  • Communication skills, counselling & Confident public speaking training

  • Interview etiquette, Dressing sense & training to individuals depend on industry type & job profile

  • Confidence buildup & Official communication language training for business meetings

  • We evaluate, find the flaws and help in enhancing the appearance, behavior towards colleagues & clients

  • Initiate and prepare image branding, coaching, seminars, events, write-ups & Articles on social media, TV, newspapers & other global platform

  • We help both individual & business companies

Business Handshake

IT- Software & Hardware

Our IT  experts provide complete support for both hardware and software related requirements by advisory & implementation methods including training to the employees.

Our services includes -

  • We plan IT Strategies after review the requirements

  • Prepare complete IT Architecture for both centralize & decentralize processes

  • IT Implementation of architecture

  • Enterprise solutions - ERP implementation for organize and paperless work

  • System Integration

  • Data-warehouse Management

  • Data Analysis - implementation of BI Tools 

  • IT Security implementation by firewall, virus tools and authentication methods

  • Complete Software management to control, monitor and maintain.


We provide latest tools and methods. We support and monitor the effects and transform the methods for best results and success of business. We apply best Analytic cost-effective tools for data analysis which helps in accurate decision making and plans.

Legal Aid

Legal & Finance

We provide support for both individual and corporate firms. Legal and finance are the backbone of corporate success. We provide online & offline consultation for both areas. Any legal issues, we help you to connect with right legal professionals with very affordable prices. Our consultation are modern and Software/ IT based with implementation, support and maintenance. We help you to reach experts with your exact requirement in no time. Our virtual platform provide you anytime anywhere consultation. We help you to connect with lawyers & CA/CS. Our services includes -

  • ITR filing for corporate and individual salaried people and small business holders which includes NGO, home-based business, Freelancers etc.

  • Legal Consultation online available anytime and offline with appointment, Legal notice (Send & Reply), Court Hearing support

  • Business Registration Services - Consultation for best services and help you to provide best in the market. You need we find for you.

  • Taxation & Accounting Consultation - How to get GS filing and other related issues

  • Crisis and Recovery Consultation to restructuring and transformation of losing business

  • Real Estate Rules & policies advisory consultation like land types, legal obligation, government policies etc.

Marketing team meeting

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing section is a backbone of any industry or business. Without proper sales & marketing planing and implementation can lead to big loss or closure. Our sales and marketing consultant help you to plan sales and marketing strategies with modern digital methods, which is the fastest path to success and growth. We do - 

  1. Market Research for current consumer behavior, Trends, environmental & social effects, sales outcomes, industries, global market statistics with success and failures, 

  2. Analyse Competition by specifications, uniqueness, market share, price range and promotional methods

  3. Prepare summarized and graphical analytical report for better visualization of requirement of marketing strategy transformation

  4. Prepare presentations &  documentation for new methods of plans and strategies

  5. Prepare budget spending plans on new sales and marketing & provide assistance to in-house sales and marketing managers 

  6. Automate sales & marketing process for better tracking, evaluation and visualization.

  7. Apply Digital Sales & marketing solutions


Career & Training

Our experts provide Career Counselling and skill training after 10th. If your child confused to take up career of his/her interest, we talk and provide good options for careen growth. We also provide skill development courses to learn and earn while doing studies. 

Our methodology is very simple -

  • Meeting with candidate

  • Provide skill options under private and government programs

  • Plan Flexible Program 

  • How to earn and learn strategy

  • Develop skill with us & get certificate

  • Provide Placement after Certification


You have skill and interest, we have program for you at very reasonable cost. Also provide free training under scholarship programs

Open Space Office

HR & Administration

HR is the backbone of every organisation and follow the government policies of labour and employment regulations which is needs to be followed by every company. We help all small scale to large-scale organisation to update their HR and Admin policies as per government guidelines. Following area we covers -

  • Prepare Human Capital strategy plan

  • Compensation & benefits policies

  • HR Functional documents

  • Analysis of HR Data for attrition and growth of employees

  • Prepare Talent Management programs & Events to motivate employees

  • Implement Digital & Technology for HR

  • Organize Training programs for new learning and development of employees

  • Plan HR activities and office attitude programs

We also provide Internship program is especially for students who want to learn new things, work for us and earn stipend or certification. These programs are of 1/3/6 monthly basis and Payment plan work according to the performance and capabilities of the students. 


Don't sit and waste your vacation learn various technologies and projects for us to strong your career decisions. Our motto is simple - Be Professional Be confident and Integrate your talent with career. Let's start with us 

Consultation on Tablet

Operational Advisors

We provide completely modern operational solutions for back-end and operation transformation of our clients. Our solutions are to find out different category of customers and provide solutions accordingly. In this fast changing and customer-oriented environment, we take care of multi-channel distribution system with implementation of digital and Internet technologies. for increase in customer involvement in change of product or services to speed-up rapid changing global trends and ecosystems. Our services includes -

  • Organisation operations to improve design, governance and employee performances.

  • Sales & Marketing by improving customer support with professionalism

  • Supply chain management

  • Sourcing & Procurement channel improvement suggestion with modern techniques like IOT implementation

  • Business process management by helping to develop new process designs and improving performances of business process. 

  • Research and Development for business innovation. Plan to develop new products according to the feedback and customer demand. Our researchers help your to understand the loopholes and provide solutions to optimise the service or product.

Video Editing

Media & Events

Do you need assistance in planning media & events. We support both individuals, groups and corporate businesses of all sizes. We help our clients to find out best event management companies with your necessities and budget. 

Our Event coordinator team works in coordination of client representatives to gather information about event, budget, guests and suggestive points to meet-up exact demand. Our consultation services includes -

  • Meeting with vendors & suppliers with best price proposals

  • Listing and visit appointments for best locations with presentation of features, facilities and specifications

  • Prepare presentation of Location design and interior decoration with themes as per available budget

  • Prepare option lists for Food & beverages vendors - menu themes​

  • We also provide support for Transportation, Support Staff & other miscellaneous

  • We also include backup plans for any crisis and make sure the success of event. 

  • Our digital marketing team prepare all types of theme based advertisements resources for invitation for  like flyers, social media etc

  • We also negotiate with vendors & suppliers. Assist our client to follow the government norms.


Motivational & Skills

Our Motivational and Skills related Counseling is totally free. Failed in career, education or anything else in life. Feeling depression and low-esteem. We provide counseling to help you out and give a second chance to life. We only listen and  provide suggestions to your issues. 

Privacy of individual taken care of. You can talk and share your life experience with us.

We believe - There is no problem exists without solution, it just need to meet with yourself and find-out solutions. 

We also provide suggestive solutions for skills development programs. 

Just submit your query and we will contact you. 

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