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Smart Devices, Sensors and RFID Products

Our idea to list products require for IOT solutions is to give you ease of buying everything under one roof. We are complete 360 degree solution provider company. IOT based solutions required software, compatible hardware and integration services which can communicate with each other to provide you best results. Our Wide rage of hardware includes -

  • Sensors - PIR sensors, Camera Sensors, Temperature Sensors, humidity sensors, ultrasonic and also customized range as per industrial requirement. Also provide Actuators with firmware, programmable and ready to use products

  • Devices - All types of tracking devices and customized sim based vehicle, fleet, personal, animals and luggage. We also provide customized tracking devices

  • RFID - We here provide Tags(Active and Passive), Readers, Antenna, programmable and ready to use products.

  • Wide variety of Drones integrated with sensors and camera 

We soon come up with vendors list under one roof to ease the buyers where they can directly communicate with vendors get the great deals. We provide support to get the compatible product for their solutions.

We provide you comparison lost of products, so need to run here and there for best deals

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We provide wide variety of sensors like - temperature, humidity, ultrasonic, Camera, customized sensors.

We are also dealing with Drone integrated with various sensors to cover wide area without human intervention.

Our broad range of sensors are -

  • Temperature Sensors

  • Humidity Sensors

  • Waste Bin Sensors

  • Water Sensors

  • Sim Based Gateways

  • Soil Sensors

  • Pollution Control Sensors

  • Traffic Control

  • Parking Sensors

  • Smart Home sensors

  • Hospital & Insurance

  • Cold Storage Temp.


RFID Readers

Need Readers to read tags?

We provide wide range of RFID readers for long range, active/passive low range frequency tags, QR code reader and Bar code readers

Our Wide range include -

  1. Hand-held readers for  reading RFID Tags, QR Code, and Barcode. Easily implement with Drone to cover wide area

  2. Fixed Readers

  3. Desktop Readers


Amazon Echo

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – New and improved smart speaker with Alexa in Wide variety of colors. 

Multi Indian language feature. and many more features. 

Get good deals on product


Mini Sensor Kit

Robocraze Mini Sensor Kit with PIR, Ultrasonic Sensor, IR Sensor, LDR, Rain Sensor, Sound Sensor, Mq- 2 Gas Sensor, DHT 11, Joystick Module

9 in 1 sensor kit best for IOT skill development and can be programmed with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, AVR, PIC, 8051

Best for developing  prototype

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Tracking Devices

We provide on request, wide range of tracking devices both low cost and high quality with durability. These trackers are sim based and follow other communication protocols. Best for BPO/KPO industries exclusively for sales executives, field executives, children, old age people, animals and global luggage trackers.

Our range include -

  • Vehicle Tracking

  • Large Fleet Tracking

  • Railway Track Tracking

  • Children Safety Tracking

  • Personal Tracking

  • Sale Employee Tracking

  • Wild Animal tracking

  • Asset tracking while movement in Fleet, Railways and Air Cargo

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Echo Dot (White)

Echo Dot (White) bundle with Wipro 16A smart plug for heavy appliances

It contains Echo dot and smart plug and feature to add voice control for AC/ TV / Geyser.  Use Wifi to turn on AC before reaching home.  No additional setup required.

Available in multi language mode.



DJI Tello Nano Drone 5MP Camera, 720p Recording, Intel Processor, DJI Drone Flight Technology (Black)

Easy Video shooting modes with vision positioning system

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DIY Robotic Kit

WitBlox Mega DIY Robotics Kit for 101 Projects - Learning kit

Do it Yourself Kit to make robot.

Best for young innovators, school students 

Easy to use and safe for children.

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We have wide varieties of RFID tags, Active/Passive, Long range/ short range,Metal, plastic, durable, encoded/ non-encoded, high/low frequency tags.,

Imprinted with Bar code and QR code. 

Our use case ranges include -

  • ·School Bags & Travel Luggage

  • ·Warehouse Item Inventory

  • ·School Attendance 

  • ·Party, Picnics & Event Management

  • ·Files & Documents

  • ·Employee Attendance

  • ·Wild Animal Tagging

  • ·Parking Tags with time

  • ·Polls from anywhere

  • ·Toll Tags with time stamp

  • ·Hospital Management

also provide customized tags.


Echo Show

Echo Show - Premium sound and a vibrant 10.1" HD screen - Black/grey

EMI Available, Premium product with Dolby sound. You can watch movies, prime videos any time any where You can make calls using Skype, Alexa app, , an echo spot or echo show. 

Get best deal directly on Amazon. 

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 Remote Sensor

Remote Sensor Monitoring by Radio with Arduino: Detecting Intruders, Fires, Flammable and Toxic Gases, and Other Hazards at a Distance Kindle Edition

This book is about connecting sensor and radio transceivers to an Arduino so that you can monitor the sensor readings 


Tracking Sensor

Robocraze 4 Channel Infrared Tracking Sensor Module IR Line Patrol for Arduino Smart Car One Piece

Working voltage: DC 3.3V-5V Working current: try to choose more than 1A power supply

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