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Best Popular Website based products - Do It Yourself

We are introducing best top platform for Website development, design and maintenance, Logo design, Web Designing, web hosting, domain registration, using templates to develop blogs,eCommerce website and much much more. These platforms are just like select template, modify it with minimum assistance, and connect with your domain. Now a days website generation becomes easy and do it yourself with minimum efforts using various tools, templates, and other features integrated provided by various platforms like WIX. 

We provide support and training to help you, how to create website, and connect with domain and maintenance of website with no cost and time. 

Below are products we provide support and training free, you chose and mail us. These are best products available in the market with high ratings. 

For more information contact us at


Domain Hosting

Here a good deal for you, just buy Domain and get your site free, hosting and designing totally free. Get your new domain, Connect your own domain, Enjoy free and secure hosting.

There are free stunning template available especially design as per specific businesses which saves your time to develop from scratch and give you, create your site for hobby you have like you are dancer, musician, cook, designer, home decorator or have small shop, you can express it and reach more and more customers.

To get more information click here. 

You can create it or hire a professional, your choice 


$13/month - $39/month


Mobile Website

Create your own mobile friendly website. Now a days for business expansion, website is the primary requirement to reach the maximum customers not matter your business is small or big but surely reach ability should be wide. 

As we have almost all users having smartphones, the site should be responsive and mobile friendly. Here is the option for you, create your website for mobile, informative, responsive and communicative. Provide your business information and how to reach you. and most important, it's free and you can make it your self or hire a professional on single platform. WIX gives you such features, create it test it and publish it with no cost. Once you satisfied just link it with you domain and upgrade it with very low cost plans. 




eCommerce Site

You are selling products, let's go online, create your own store, easy and affordable, publish it and go for customers. Social media marketing support provided. Just add your products, price quantity, more pictures and complete support to manage it. 

There are 100s of templates, business specific, payment integration feature, admin panel, Easy drag and drop feature to add controls, mobile optimization, do it yourself, preview it and publish it. Get your own domain to connect it. You can customize it anytime and publish it. 

To know more get here.


$17/month – $35/month


Choose Template

When you develop a website or plan to develop, main issue raise the design which is the combination of CSS style-sheets, banners, graphic designs, logo placement, size of images, content placements and many more which is very time consuming process and require to maintain to make it work on SEO and SM. Continuous updation require otherwise total waste of cost and time especially when you hired resource or outsource it. WIX gives you freedom to use already available dynamic templates. 

You can choose over 500 designer made professional templates ready to use for every business with customization as per your requirement. Go to Wix portal, Choose template as per your business, select it, change it with your content, images and logo without changing design and publish it. Review it then connect it with the domain.


$13/month - $39/month


Hindi Website

Want a website in Hindi as your customers are understand Hindi Language. WIX provide features to create complete web site in Hindi including Mobile friendly Website. What you need create and account in WIX Platform, Select language and create website in your language. It'supports almost all Indian language. You can make your website multi-language.

The website price rnge is as per users requirement, there are free plans too. click here for more

Most basic plan is only Rs.23/month


$4.5/Month -$24.5/Month


How To Develop Website with WIX

WIX offers free development of website or application or eCommerce or Blog whatever you like. Just sign-up free on Wix portal, develop your website using templates and review it. purchase domain or if you have already a domain. There are many packages available -

  1. Basic - Connect your domain 

  2. Combo for personal use

  3. Unlimited -for entrepreneurs

  4. VIP with first priority support

Pricing range is depend on the plan you adopt. 

Low price - Basic and VIP with high price but can be affordable.


$4.50/month - $25.50/month


Logo Maker

Logo Making is now just a matter of few clicks for free. You can design with WIX Logo maker. Best in the market. This comes up with features like -

  • High Resolution Logo

  • Print Ready files

  • Social Media Kit 

  • Brand Guide - how can you make logo as your brand. 

Here you have two options -

  1. Create logo by yourself - very easy to use already available options and you can have freedom to modify as per your business

  2. You can directly hire a professional to make your idea into your logo. Here you find various option to create website, design, etc..

Click Here to explore more.




Website Using Code

WIX provides advanced capabilities to create a website which will be content- rich and robust web applications You can take control of your website by using java scripts, API with one click deployment. WIX have developer mode to give you flexibility to change the design and content on your page easily.Like you have a Blog and you want your own template and design to create blog on daily basis. It's really very easy here with All-in-One content management features and dynamic page creation capabilities. For more click here - 


$4.5/Month -$24.5/Month


Custom Website-WIX

Don't want yo use templates, here is a feature in WIX to develop your own custom website,which may combination of store, blog, information, courses and much much more. Everything can be added and removed easily as per requirement. Fully customization available here.

You can add new texts, contents and images and redesign the template as you own. Do not worry if you choose any template and later want to change it. You can do it easily adding more features, more content and images anywhere. As we  know every site is unique. Also there is a feature to integrate the SEO for search engine ranking and your website always be mobile friendly.


$4.50/month - $25.50/month

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