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End TO End IOT, IIOT, RFID,  AI & Data Analytics Solutions with Hardware Integration & secure cloud data services

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Device Management

We provide IOT platform to manage all the devices, sensors and gateways. Our integration services with all popular IOT platforms like Cumulocity, AWS, IBM Watson and all other available in the market. We also customize according to your requirement.

IT gives complete visibility and control of sensors at one place with ease of doing any operation


Smart Devices Connectivity

We develop connectivity protocol service and device integration service with your application and any type of enterprise solution available in the market.

We develop API service to communicate sensors with application according to the protocols for sensors, RFID and devices provided by vendor.

We also provide maintenance services to reduce the costing and time 


Visibility on Apps

We develop customize application and mobile app dashboard for live feed data from all sensors and devices at one platform helps you to control, monitor and set configurations. Easy comparison, report status anytime anywhere to look after your devices and manage without much efforts. Generate reports and analyse the data with our BI tools solutions.

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Web Developments

3. Consultancy Services

Helping you find the right IT Software solutions.

KBN KnockIOT also provide IT Services & solutions which includes -

  • Web Design & Graphic design with 100 % customization

  • Web development and Integration services for middle-wares. Customized websites with both static and responsive design.

  • IT Support for existing setup and complete assistance to upgrade and increase visibility in the global platform

  • Content writing, logo design, business documentation, bannor, brouchers and presentation preparation service

  • Training to staff and upgrade technologies to meet latest trends.

Agriculture Drone

Our IOT Software Products


Asset Tracking System using RFID & Sensors



Employee Attendance

Student Attendance

Material tracking

Luggage tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Warehouse Management


Auto Irrigation and Smart farming using Sensors and devices


Animal Husbandry

Crop Health

Water Irrigation Control 

Crop Land Monitoring and Alert system

and more


Parking and Traffic Control System using RFID Tags and Parking Sensors for

Parking area alerts

Pre-booking of parking lot

Automatic Entry-Exit and billing system

Traffic alerts and route change advice, No parking zone alerts. Traffic violation auto control system and more


Face Recognition Software which can be used for Criminal Identifications, Missing Persons, Attendance system for employees and schools and Home security


Waste Management System

Smart Home Equipment installation



IT partner with a shared vision.


Cloud Computing