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Industry 4.0 / IIOT Solutions

IOT bringing changes to our lives in respect of smart solutions, no exception to industries - Industry+Internet of things which is new phase of revolution and step forward from partial automation of machines programmed  and controlled by IT systems. Each step is work on pre-defined instructions in a systematic way with high success rate and minimum human intervention i.e. Industry 3.0 revolution.

So why IOT? Earlier everything is pre-programmed with defined time limit and each machine 2 machine communication require all time monitoring and control by humans. Any kind of disruption in-between can affect all further steps and can leads to huge losses and waste of material mainly in manufacturing industries like glass, oil & chemical, printing etc. IOT integration with machine bring intelligence and improvisation. In other terms, IIOT (industry 4.0) is new phase revolutions which integrate smart algorithm and sensing solutions for M2M communication with  an intelligence using AI and ML. Our main focus is on M2M connectivity, Monitoring system Platform & Automation, Machine learning algos, Data analytics, data collection and simplification for AI, Cyber physical system & implementation of smart digital PLC sensor technologies using IOT & installation of sensors monitoring control center with minimum manpower to simplify the work with no direct human intervention in production area for manufacturing units, OIL & chemical industries, Automobile, Food Manufacturing and packaging, etc.  

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IIOT Platform Implemtation

We are an upcoming and soon to become pioneer in this revolution. Our main focus points are  Manufacturing units and supply chain management which involves, ERP/SCM/CRM, Monitoring & real-time Health check Panels with auto-alert systems, PLC/SCADA and other programmable machine sensors & gateways with inter-connectivity using IOT, Edge computing and Cloud computing for data processing and analytics,  RFID Technology and Tracking devices. Our solutions focus on better monitoring, control & analysis for accurate predictive decision making which boost productivity, help in pre-planing, improve  performance and save cost and increase the chances of improvisation as per market trends. Our main area of IIOT implementation and integration with current system. includes - 

  • Problem Area and Solution - Analyse the current system to find out better scope of IIOT implementation and design prototype for demo purpose with all suggestive options. We value our clients as our partner and work  hand-in-hand with your expert team.

  • Horizontal & Vertical System Integration - Production Job Floor automation system integrated with sensors and devices using said communication protocols and firmware and Data Management system.Sensor 

  • IIOT Customized Solutions Sensor, Devices and RFID  integration and visual monitoring platform including real-time data access & health care graphical dashboard. 

  • AI & ML implementation - Machine learning algorithms, autonoumus robotics, drones, Simulation configuration & integration (MQTT Sensors and devices)

  • Cyber Security implementation - Information security, risk analysis, cloud server and computing, edge computing

  • Asset Tracking  & storage system - RFID & tracking devices for transportation and inventory management - SCM / ERP Solution integration

  • Big Data analysis & BI Tools - Data simplification, processing, optimization for predictive decision making and planning for  upcoming opportunities, market trend, data patterns 


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Industries we touches

  • Agriculture and Farming Industries - Humidity Check sensors, Crop suggestion on soil type, data collected using sensor, check the soil irrigation quality and suggest crop, Control water irrigation system using sensors and more 

  • Energy & Fuel Consumption - Data collection of fuel and energy consumption used for analysis and prediction for future consumption. Check quality of fuel and more

  • Government - Many area which require government support and IoT sensors helps to collect data improves the decision making and policy implementation area wise consumption wise. Sensor in energy sector, agriculture sector, Infrastructures and other sectors can help to collect data for analysis.

  • Transport and Automobile Industries - Fleet sensors and devices, Smart Parking solutions, Smart Traffic control systems.

  • Home appliances & Public Safety - When you are not at home , IoT sensors  can take care of it. Camera Sensor, Door Sensors, auto alerts on force unlocking to police 

  • Health & Insurance Industries - With IoT you can connect with hospital and get any monetary help without delay from anywhere in the world. Raised alarm and get help. IOT automation system for Hospital Premise to serve better

  • Environmental Solutions - Pollution control sensors, Water scarcity, flood controlling and many more natural disaster can be prevent using these sensor to balance the environment. 

  • Manufacturing and Construction Industries - Machine to machine communication with sensors to control whole system 

  • Smart Cities - smart building, Smart home, Smart Appliances, smart traffic and more. Connect every civic and safety department with Residential & commercial area using centralized data, alarm system and IOT sensors with GPS facilities.

  • AI Solution for Security Services & Government Police department

  • ERP Solutions, Employee Management and SCM integration with IOT

  • IOT enabled Storage facilities & Transportation

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Innovation & improvisation Lab

We soon come up with full fledge IOT Lab under "Make-In-India" & "Skill development Project to facilitate Interns, Collage and School students, young people with minimum education to train and certified them with our JOB oriented course. The purpose of lab to develop prototypes for smart solutions using innovative ideas and provide platform for exposure.

Fees structure includes - Material for practical and Theory classes. All will be real life projects and can be exhibit in events and program. Contact us for more information

  • Technology we used -  C#, Java, Angular JS 1.0/2.0,Sql Server / MongoDB, Hadoop and Spark, Python, JASON, Microsoft BI, Tableau, Cumulocity, AWS, ThingWorx, CISCO, and more.

  • We develop, we integrate and we customize. - Our paid programs are for Interns, School students in vacations and people with innovative ideas.

  • We will introduce On-Job-Trainee program for students with successful inventions.

  • We also improvise solutions as per customers requirement using appropriate Sensors, simulators, RFID, and devices with database design, API service development for integration with assets, data simplification & storage, third party application and platform integration, BI Tools integration - Our solutions are customized

  • Lab for product testing , prototype development and data processing results testing

  • We provide material in our lab for new innovative solutions for IOT 

  • We have Research and development team to help new talents for to create prototype on innovative ideas & solution

  • Successful product can be named after the inventor and if implemented under our profit sharing program

  • We also invite products design & develop by any individual - We will include useful IOT products in our exhibition and events for investors. 

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What we do here

  • Create Graphical Dashboard mobile app and web application 

  • Customized app for any programmable Sensors/devices

  • Create Rest APIs, Web services for all programmable sensors

  • Integration with Bi Tools and Data analytics tools

  • Data Storage on Cloud / Physical servers & Reporting services 

  • Technical Support and Consultation

  • Write algorithms for your sensors for dynamic reporting and visualization

  • We transform your business, we analyse your technology requirement, we suggest and implement. 

  • Our solutions are low cost and easy to use. Mobile solutions, DevOps, Big Data Analytics, Cloud, UX/UI Design, External  & Internal Rest APIs with complete compatibility on any IoT platform, Device control and management system. 

  • Depend on Sensors, some of are C#, Java, Angular JS 1.0/2.0,Sql Server / MongoDB, Hadoop and Spark, Python, JASON, Microsoft BI, Tableau, Cumulocity, AWS, ThingWorx, CISCO, and more. We develop, we integrate and we customize.

Training and Internship plans - Nominal Fees

  • We facilitate paid training program for IOT product development depend on client requirements

  • Award winning & scholarship programs will introduce soon under our skill development process

  • We invite new inventions under IOT/IIOT and provide platform to promote products and application under predefined terms and conditions

  • Paid Internship on real life projects with complete documentation  support 

  • Our IOT courses will be design as per student strength & subject- minimum 5 students. 

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