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Mobile App Development  

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App Design

Our team of design experts convert your ideas into innovative app designs with mock-ups. We develop mobile enable websites, m-commerce platform, food apps, travel apps, re-design apps, ERP, CRM, DSS, etc. supportive graphical dashboards for quick review of reports anytime anywhere. User-friendly, scaleable app designs for all type of requirements. Our dedicated Mobile-hub also provide training for our clients.

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App Data

We also provide data analytic features and integration with BI tools. Data is very important in case of mobile app which needs to be fast and easily available completely different from normal DBMS. We manage data on cloud platform with both dedicated and shared option. We use edge computing facility for fast process and quick response. We use embeddable database with self-contained libraries and less administrative dependency. We care our clients requirement and provide cost-effective solutions with less maintenance


App Launch

Our team launch beta versions for testing and quality analysis. Monitor the process and data for bugs. At the final launch we provide support to market the app for maximum customer readability. Monitor the feedback and social media reactions to improve the features of app to increase the ROI. Provide user-friendly manuals and help documents which is essential for great success of app. We ensure availability on popular app platforms like google play store, iOS app store etc. We also help you to register app domain name with landing page creation and integrate marketing analysis tools and social media platforms to increase the app visibility. Marketing email for app launch announcement and video media advertisement to target large audience and much more.


App Security

We write secure code, enable encryption data, allow authorized API and apply stronger login authentication process like OTP and strong password features, Alerts and notifications features by deploying temper-detection technology, proper session handling, various authentic tools for cryptographic protocols. Above all, continuous updation, testing and monitoring the events generated by application.

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App Technology

Our mobile app team develops all type of mobile apps with latest technologies and complete technical documentation and  user manual. Android app, Apache Cordova, React, Ionic, iOS, Swift, Java, c++, HTML5, PHP. We offer our customers to develop, redesign and building apps from scratch with multi-platform capabilities for global market


App Maintenance

Support and maintenance is the crucial part of any successful app. We never left our clients in trouble. Our dedicated support team provide on-site and off-site supports. On request we also provide dedicated technical person to monitor all activities, feedback and events, which helps to improve the app and increase in audience and users. We also help in improving rating, which increases the chances of higher access and download. We store information of app visitors also on request. In total, we provide all type of support to our customers

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