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KnockIOT. AI Machine Learning Solutions

Artificial Intelligence is one step ahead from Data Analytics and more accurate for predictive analysis. It's worked on the concept of human intelligence in various ways for eg. Robotics (Intelligent Machines), Alexa & Google AI models. As per its broad terminology, AI used for Analytical reasoning and predictive decision making on the basis of cognitive intelligence, Image and voice recognition on the basis of emotion and cognitive intelligence and Robotics as humanized intelligence on the basis of Cognition, social and emotional intelligence. 

AI revolve around computation and algorithms written on the basis of probabilities and prediction on the basis of environment it works upon. Many sensitive areas like BFSI, Cyber Space and Defense system.

KnockIOT.AI provide effective & robust AI & ML automation software solutions with Monitoring control visual dashboards. We design, plan, develop and customize ML platform and data science algorithms. We use all latest programming languages like python, Java, TensorFlow,  NumPy etc, We integrate enterprise AI solutions and service, We design database infrastructure, connectivity, storage, data engineering and components integration.

We integrate, configure and deploy  database on Cloud/In-premise dedicated servers with full time support and maintenance services.

We apply agile methods of programming and modular approach for anytime plug-ins and upgradation of infrastructure as well as software enhancement. We also support open source AI packages and plugin integration. We design patterns, write algorithms using big data for intelligent smart decision making results. 

Let's connect with us to know more and get solution for all your AI needs.

Industries We Serve - 

  • Agriculture - Crop - Soil Irrigation, Water requirement, Soil health etc.

  • Retail System - Customer demand and behaviour 

  • BFSI - Banking Finance Service & Insurance Solutions

  • Automobile Industry

  • Defense & Military Data

  • Robotics & Cyber Analytics

  • Government Agencies 

  • Science and Technology - R & D

  • Manufacturing Units

Research & Development Process


Artificial Intelligence is like a virtual world comes alive and requires continuous research to provide solution to the man kind. In current COVID-19 situation, AI will play and change thee direction of Science and Technology. 

Our team of researcher working on solution for following area -

  • Sales and Marketing - In the world of digitization and necessity of social distancing we need to understand the customer's purchasing behavior and provide solution

  • Implementation of Modern AI techniques and analytic technologies like deep learning by collection of data (large data banks) and create business opportunities.

  • Manufacturing based on demand and supply, raw materials, weather prediction and supply chain control

  • AI in Project management - technology evolution, finding better chances of success and use of resources minimize the development cost and increase efficiency and control quality.

  • Traffic and environmental effect - traffic diversion prediction for high traffic area and time. Affect of pollution based on traffic volume

  • Agriculture based on weather forecasting. Un-predictable weather condition require changes in regular crop cycle. Research on how the damage can be minimized by shifting crop cycle according to weather.

  •  Railways can be transformed using AI methods

  • Medical Science, Military and much more area to cover in India

We will publish latest news and updates on this, visit our News Updates page for more information.

Deep Learning & Machine Learning


Deep learning and Machine learning are the subsets of Artificial intelligence, Machine learning is traditional method and Deep learning is Modern technique to achieve the AI use cases.

ML is based on Algorithm, datasets and depiction of data but it required structured data to write algorithm for best results. It requires high quality data to draw the features for an application. It automatically process the available data provide the best solution without any human intervention.  

Deep Learning on other hand rely on multiple layers of artificial neural network require no structured data, best example Robots working as humans. Many area where human life can be in danger replacing by Robots using neural algorithms. 

We adopt both methods as per problem area of our clients. 

We collect the data or any client have huge data to process, we use data for various purposes -

  • Face Recognition for attendance system or find out missing person and verify

  • Stock Exchange predictions on the basis of coming data.

  • Medical treatment and invention of drugs on the basis of symptoms and testing. Best treatment suggestion on the basis of medical history of Patients

  • Robots, Self-driving cars which can work on predefined route with best route finding system. Future is coming where no need of driver and Car auto control system decides which can prevents traffic congestion and accidents.

  • Speech Recognition and natural language processing are the area of concern in the field of Deep Learning.

Integration Services & Technical Support


We provide tools integration and technical support to our clients in terms of achieve deep learning and machine learning models. We use all collected data both structured and unstructured to provide best automated  results for Marketing, customer buying behavior, sale trends in e-commerce business / online marketing business. Our AI services includes -


  • Selection of Best tool to use you business data as per the requirement 

  • Data management services - We integrate the data sources,Process to simplify, Implement security measure to secure data and prepare for presentation. We provide -

    • Data Integration ​and Access 

    • Maintain Data Quality and security

    • Data Processing for analytics

    • Big Data management for both Structured and un-structured

    • Stored anywhere, like physical location, cloud or shared location on both

  • Front-End Visualization  for analytics, auto decision making, Graphical representation of data processed by AI Solutions

  • Implementation and Deployment - Our team implement , test and deploy AI solution at your location. Here no matter how small amount of data or it's structured/unstructured,our solutions provide best results and as soon as data flow increases,we monitor using our data management services and upgrade algorithms accordingly for better performance.

  • Decision Making System - Artificial intelligence is giving us power of data collected for so long. Earlier analytics require huge time and cost to find out the business future scope and trends of market.  our solutions here includes -

    • Real-time Analytics - processing on real time data for instant decision making

    • User-friendly Visualization 

    • Single platform to manage all.

    • Integration with third party applications

  • Hardware Installation for the Tools  and provide technical support hassle free operations

Technology, Methodology and Techniques


For Implementation of AI we use latest and modern technologies. There are many available in the market, we plan, analyse requirement, design implement, deploy and maintain using following Tools and softwares -

  • AML - Amazon Machine Learning - Cloud based robust machine learning and artificial Intelligence software. 

  • Accord.Net - Machine learning framework (C#) having multiple libraries  for a wide range of applications. The framework combined with audio and image processing libraries.

  • Apache Mahout -an Open source distributed linear algebra framework and mathematically expressive Scala DSL. 

  • Apache Spark MLlib - It's Scalable Machine Learning Library. It's run on Hadoop, Apache, Kubernetes, standalone and Cloud

  • Google cloud ML Engine - It provides both ML and AI model building, training, predictive modeling and Deep learning. There is Google ML kit for mobile also available

  • TensorFlow - It's most common, open source machine learning library for machine learning models and end to end deep learning system.

  • Others are - Torch, Azure Machine Learning Studio, Eclipse DeepLearning4J, Scikit Learn, Microsoft Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit.

Our Methodologies  include - 

  1. Strategical Analysis and Consultation for why and how for problem areas findings

  2. Development  of AI Application using well-suited tools in terms of cost effectiveness and quality

  3. Our solutions are customer-centric and fully customized as per client requirement 

  4. Integration, implementation and complete support.

 Artificial Intelligence Real Live Use Cases


We are working on many use cases and soon start implement it for our clients. Our main areas of expertise and industries we serves are -

Industries - 

  • Healthcare

  • E-commerce

  • Banking & Financial Software 

  • Automotive 

  • Manufacturing 

  • Telecom

  • Security Services

  • Military Establishment 

Our functional Area -

  • Automation and Robotics

  • Customer Services

  • Data Management

  • ECommerce Platforms

  • ERP, Logistics, Sales and Marketing, Advertising 

  • Security Systems & Process Automation

  • Analytics - Real-Time, Business, Image recognition and Visual, Conversational, Geographical, and E commerce (with social media)

AI Use Cases -

  • Face Recognition for the purpose of Attendance system, Safety Application, Crime Lab and missing person, etc

  • Virtual Assistant and Chat bots - Travel, Healthcare, Bank Customer care, Sales and Marketing, Governmental organisation providing services.

  • Learning - Virtual learning and education system by experience and outcomes of participants.

  • Patient History AI - Get assistant to connect with the experts as per patient illness and degree of emergency

  • Sales and Pre-sales - Forecasting, Predictive analysis, chat bots for customers, future suggestions 

  • Customer Services - Voice Authentication,Intelligent call routing, Customer Service Response, Categorizes Calls, Auto-ticketing, Smart chat bots, survey and review, Analytics for calls, reviews, chat bot queries etc.

  • Data - Storage, Analysis, visualization, management and monitoring, Integration, cleaning and validation, Transformation, labeling and processing

  • Financial - Fraud detection, Insurance, Analytical Platform, Credit Lending and scoring, Billing, Robo-Advisory, and much more

  • Health care and HR/Admin are also benefited with AI require smart decision making. 

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