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RFID Programmable & Non Programmable Solutions

RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) Solutions taking over bar code technologies as it counts as smart solutions for every industry and home based solutions. It uses radio frequencies between objects and communicate with readers and mobile phones to transfer the responses as per technological implementation and industry requirements. There are RFID tags having unique ID which can be attached to the source assets for identification and tracking. They are coming with different range and technologies. Available in both programmable and non-programmable with active and passive mod. 

RFID's are not complex and limited like bar codes and integrate with every possible technology to make it smart. Much affordable and highly secure for tracking solutions using Bluetooth as well as other communication protocols. RFID tags, antenna and readers are cost effective, easy to maintain and carry, can be integrate with tracking, inventory, enterprise(ERP/CRM/SCM) and attendance solutions. It helps tracking humans and assets, uauto-update data related to attendance, inventory and file/documents. 

Why we need? - Lots of benefits and some are mentioned -

  • Increase Safety & Reduce Theft

  • Authorization more effective in controlled areas.

  • Reduce manpower & human intervention

  • Automated Inventory - incoming from manufacturing unit & outgoing to retailers and warehouses

  • Help tracking employee performance

  • Cost and time saving solutions

  • Accurate time management & Real time accurate decision making

  • Increase Visibility, Optimized solution, Manpower upgradation, Minimize labor, improved life

  • Improve efficiency, performance and accuracy


We provide all types of RFID solutions for one time & reusable tags under both active and passive categories., for more details please contact us at

Vendors and Suppliers can contact for partnership and join our list.

RFID Reader

For Stores, Warehouses, Big Marts. Used for both Fixed and movable assets


Sticker Programmable Tags for Products

RFID Readers

Tag readers


Detachable & reusable tags for clothing, accessories and luggage

Networking Protocols

RFID Programmable networking communication protocol

RFID Reader

Handheld reader for Warehouses and Super marts

Access Cards

Access RFID Cards for Education and Employee Tracking management system


Sticker tags for clothing, bags and assets - One time usage


Stickers, Key chain and wearable

RFID/AIDC Services -
  • We provide automatic identification and data collection solutions for ERP, Inventory, CRM Solutions. We integrate your software with our RFID application.

Bluetooth with RFID Integration -

  • We also implement IBeacon Technology for short range RFID solutions mainly in-house tracking and attendance system.

RFID Software & Support
  • Web and Mobile Application

  • Embedded Solution & Integration

  • Firmware & SDK Integration Support

  • Technical Hardware & Software Support

  • Developer - Onsite / Offsite Support

  • Problem Solving portal & app for instant resolution 

  • Knowledge Base forum & contact Support

RFID Consultation
  • We provide consultation for using RFID in customers projects for both hardware & softwares which includes - Site Survey, ROI, Integration suggestions, System re-design, Security control, Risk assessment, Maintenance and support with monitoring

RFID Skill Development & Training
  • We provide new talents to explore the RFID projects and help them for internship with certification.

  • We trained Clients & students on real life case projects.

Our Services

  • Site Survey Assessment and requirement gathering and analysis

  • Hardware installation - RFID reader, antenna, tags and labels

  • Software - Development, Integration, Deployment, Maintenance

  • Dedicated Support - Technical Hardware & software Engineer

  • Education and Training for Client and customers

  • Documentation and User manuals Support on request

  • Database management Services - Design, Storage, security, optimization and access management  for Reports and Data analytics

  • Training and Hiring Assistance for both hardware and software support

  • Hardware replacement assistance at any point of time with architectural and design reviews

Industries We Serve 


Retail Industry

Our RFID Tag solutions are easy to use, flexible, customer oriented, cost & time saving and can customize as per our clients requirements.Our solutions includes -

  • POS Integration with RFID tags for products and shelf locations,

  • Auto-updation feature for Inventory with integration services

  • Theft security within and out of premises

  • Damage detection while loading and unloading

  • Transportation of products in and out of warehouse and Retail store with quantity update feature.

  • Easy location detection of product

  • Alerts and notification system for quantity of each product in advance 

  • Shelve arrangement with RFID active tags and readers to manage the inventory and billing system - new upcoming feature

  • App and Dashboard  with Analytic tools, CRM and social media integration for better customer services

  • SMS Services for valuable customers to provide information of  popular products with extra rewards or discounts.

  • To know more, contact up at

Fancy Dinner Party


Hospitality Industry is huge and totally customer sensitive and requires up-to-date system to run this successfully. Knowing customer requirement, issues and providing hand-to-hand services is a hectic task and keep this industry on toe. In this IOT & RFID technology revolution in addition with digital & networking environment give Host and client/customers, an extra-ordinary experience. We are here to provide combination of sensors and RFID solutions, our team of expertise works with our clients from design to implementation and support. Our solutions includes -

  • RFID Tags with app for employees and protal to track all in one.

  • Customer entry to exit RFID solution with or without app using gate access system

  • Customer luggage safety system 

  • Rooms service alerts and notification 

  • Drone safe premises with RFID Tag notification system for tracking and controlling using web portal.

  • Event management and asset management system 

  • Ticketing system for specific requirement. and much more.

  • Our innovative, customized and robust solutions streamline complete process for our client for their customer satisfaction and business growth. 

  • Contact us for more at

School Children


As per our research, Education system can be revolutionary and available for all anytime anywhere. Our experienced technical team provides solutions for -

  • School Management System

  • Attendance system for teachers and students separately which can be integrated with existing system.

  • Inventory System

  • Library Management system to eliminate manual issue and receiving system. 

  • Integration system with vendors for school uniforms, books and used books submission and distributed system. 

  • Used school uniforms submission and availability system 

  • Inter-connectivity of schools with locations and area zone using app and web portal for events and functions to increase completion and participation.

  • RFID enabled books, school uniforms with app for the parents and teachers.

  • Mobile app readers for school transportation for tracking with alerts and notifications to the parents and teachers with GPS mapping system. 

  • Auto-detection in-out system by Uniform Tags, Hand Tags and Bag Tags with Mobile Bluetooth technology/App and Gate Fixed Tag readers.

Delivery Trucks


IOT & RFID solutions brings revolutions in transport industry  for both commercial and private/public transportation. Our team of experts provide robust, cost-effective and time saving customized solutions. We upgrade existing, do site visits to analyse the requirements, integrate and customize solutions.  We take care of both hardware and software integration including third party software and BI tools support with staff training. Our solutions includes -

  • Asset tracking while transportation

  • Inventory management system with auto alerts and updation 

  • Employee/driver tracking system

  • Panel and App to get auto alerts and notification

  • Low inventory notification

  • Parking Tags with app

  • Rental Transportation tracking system

  • Fleet Management system with web portal and app

  • Government and private vehicle management system

  • Parking management system for commercial and private parking area with auto-read tags and number registration plate

  • Pre-booking and availability of parking notification using app.

  • Free visitation at sites to provide customize solution as per our clients need with dedicated team and technical support. 

  • Contact us for more information at

Laser Cutting


RFID tags - Active and passive are very useful for Manufacturing Industries. We provide all types of solutions and integration services with IOT platform for visualization of activities of manufacturing units. Less human intervention - cost saving and safety of workers on job floor. Easy cause  detection by alerts and notification using app and web portals. Control Panels and Dashboard to monitor the activities of system at each step. Our Solutions includes -

Single Web portal Integration to control complete manufacturing unit.

  • App to get current status of production with graphical dashboard for analysis of supply and demand

  • RFID readers and tag installation and integration support to manage at portal

  • Real life reports and BI tools 

  • Both onsite-offsite support for hardware and software.

  • Monitoring support for un-interrupt process.

  • Provide suggestive measures time to time to get update and competitive in the market.

  • Customization of solution as per requirements.

  • Contact us for more information at

Monitoring Room

Security & Tracking

Our RFID Solutions are very cost-effective and reusable, best for security and tracking anytime anywhere helps commercial organisations to keep track of assets, in-house employees and field executives. Provide more security. Manufacturing, construction and healthcare industry most benefited by these solutions and keep ROI high with low investment for implementation. Our more solutions includes -


  • Global Asset Tracking with both Bluetooth and mobile app readers features

  • School Uniform and Bags

  • Office attendance system

  • Sales Executives tracking system

  • Automation of Inventory and ERP  

  • Product Tagging and identification

  • Documents Tracking and management

  • RFID enabled Access control system for commercial buildings, construction sites, Educational Institutions and library management,

  • Rental Residential Zone management system

  • Tracking for Patients and Integration system for health insurance

  • Attendance tracking for offices and education institutions.

  • Parking management for Commercial , residential and private area.

Contact us for more at

Our Enterprise Solutions


Warehouse Inventory

Our RFID Solution for  this -

  1. Warehouse Management

  2. Automated Inventory Updation

  3. Asset Tracking System 

  4. Application Integration Services

  5. Site Visits and Consultation 

  6. Technical Hardware and Software Support Services

  7. Employee Tracking System

  8. Refundable and reusable products tagging

  9. Installation of RFID Readers and mobile trackers for movable assets inside and outside premises. 

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Healthcare & Pharma

Our solutions includes -

  1. Hospital Management System using RFID helps to manage patients-doctors record history, Employees/Staff attendance system, Medical equipment smooth functioning, requirement alerts and medicine inventory management. 

  2. Patient Identification System with Medical History with direct communication with the hospital in case of emergency support and ambulance requirement

  3. Single point Identification system for Medical health, doctors prescription with history, progress charts and integration with health insurance and polices s per hospital rules and regulation 

  4. Automated system and paperless environment, alerts for demand an supply of medicine and medical equipment as per the patient medical necessity.

  5. Asset management system

  6. Access control system

  7. Parking and Transportation management system including Ambulance usage management with direct alerts and notifications. 

  8. Installation and maintenance support for both hardware and software with customization.

New York Sea Port

Asset & Animal Tracking 

Our solutions includes -

  1. Asset Tracking and Identification System

  2. Animal Tracking System

  3. Global Luggage tracking system

  4. Animal tagging and installation of readers and camera with actuators to track and count in Animal National Parks, Hospital  and zoos. also available for animal husbandry and farming

  5. Application and portals for tracking animal history, ID, medical information and other information 

  6. Installation of hardware and software with technical support and training

  7. Alerts and notification as per the global setting and location tracking system integrated with google maps 

  8. Third party application integration with BI tools to analyse the assets movements for costing and time management 

  9. Tags for Tools, Equipment, IT assets, documents storage with access control system

  10. Customization support with dedicated team.

Refrigerated Goods

Food Industry

Food industry changes complete traditional mode of food supply and product manufacturing. Our solutions replaces barcode technology with RFID solutions in combination with Sensors and devices with visibility on applications. It changes the unique code technology for traceability of products/material/food items. Our solutions include -

  1. Auto-update Inventory management

  2. Supply chain traceability of all types of food items and raw material which helps in recalling of material and finished goods as and when required.

  3. Reduce burden on duty staff by tagging products for theft check, damage products and processing bills

  4. Auto alerts for expiring products, check manufacturing date/expiry dates and other related information to validate while receiving goods or purchasing items

  5. Shoppers can scan a RFID enabled tag with their phone to get additional information via digital shelf system. Shoppers can scan and pay for their  entire orders in less than 5 seconds.

  6. Intelligent labeling solution for retail industry.

  7. Collection of data for food industry to understand the customer's food habits, demand and supply trends for upgradation of products.

  8. Return policy will be more flexible and under control

  9. Availability status control system for up-to-date inventory and supply chain.

  10. Ensuring Food supply by attaching tags with various sensors for non-veg and milk products for contamination and expiry

  11. Ear tag for animal to manage their health and tracking using drone

  12. Track quantity of beverage ingredients and help to recall by batches

Organized Files

File Management

We simplified files and documents management which is very chaotic and hard to manage and store. In case of hard copies of documents and files cannot be managed properly by normal inventory file management software. Even barcode system have limitations and require human intervention all the time. With our IOT enabled RFID solutions, we provide unique management system for the hard copies of documents with -

  1. Tracking of Files/documents

  2. Access control

  3. Location GPS Integration

  4. Wireless accessibility

  5. Alerts and notification for In/Out movement 

  6. Security control - user authentication for access control. 

  7. Damage and theft alerts 

  8. Manage place holders of documents

  9. Auto-updated inventory for tracking movement

  10. RFID reader both fixed and handheld to locate the files.

  11. Minimize human intervention. Less resources required.

  12. Soft copies of documents and files management system also provided by us.

Giving a Speech

Attendance Automation

Our solution include -

  • Employee Attendance system with no human intervention for complete in-out tracking

  • School Students attendance system for each class and school in-out management system with no human intervention.

  • School transportation management for tracking and receiving by parents with alerts and notification of locations and destination

  • Field Executive Attendance and Working hours management system

  • Event Management system for schools and commercial organisation.

  • Installation of hardware and software with training to HR/Admin employees and onsite-offsite technical support 

Parking Lot

Parking & Traffic

Our Solutions includes -

  1. Parking Lot Management with advance booking app and control panel with time management

  2. Entry authentication and Parking time management.

  3. Commercial Parking and private parking control system with auto alerts for space availability using GPS location

  4. Alerts and notification for Traffic rules and charges. 

  5. Advance no parking alert system with installation of RFID Readers and sensors for No parking zones. 

  6. RFID Solutions for clear marking of No Parking zone and reserved parking

  7. Fleet and Commercial Cab Parking control system with national permit traffic rules advisory

  8. Facilitate solutions and suggestion for Traffic police to integrate with our control system for better planning and manage traffics

  9. Residential and Gated community parking control system

  10. Installation and maintenance for both hardware and software with customization and training

Open Wardrobe

Apparel & Jewellry

Retail Industry is directly connected to the customers using virtual and physical stores. To ease the relationship we provide following solutions and consultation.

  1. Apparel tagging using RFID connected with POS system and online portal with location search for category on web portal using panel in retail stores

  2. Jewelry Item tagging for costing and GPS location search

  3. Location Tagging with Items quantity availability monitor panel to save time .

  4. Using Tagging system auto alerts and notification for up-sell.cross-sell or discount to regular or star customers.

  5. Tag enabled trolleys and zone/area/item location integrated with POS system to ease the billing at counters and save time of the customers.

  6. Item Attribute tagging system with hand-held or Item location readers to enhance and encourage customers for purchasing from retails. 

  7. Our team of experts working on solution using Panels for virtual dressing of available apparel for customer using RFID tags.

  8. Laundry management system simplifies by tracking the package and delivery /pickup

Delivery Men

Transportation & Logistic

Our RFID Solutions for transportation and logistics comes under three different categories -

  1. Supply Chain management

  2. Fleet & Goods Tracking

  3. Vehicle Tracking

Transportation and Logistic covers large area of commercial industry which require monitoring, tracking and route management  to save cost and time. Our IOT with tracking and RFID solutions provide complete 360 degree solutions to reduce time and save high costing in case of delays, damage and theft for both parties. 

Our solutions includes -

  1. RFID tags for temperature, humidity and leakage control

  2. Door lock tags for safety with alerts and notification

  3. Web portal integration for monitoring the fleet movement, fuel consumption, route tracing, speed violation, stoppage, distance covered.

  4. App to get the route information with alerts and notification if diverted or change in route. 

  5. Driver authentication system and locking if someone else trying to hack

  6. Data Analytics and reports with graphical representation of real time data

  7. Journey reports with big panel vehicle tracking monitoring system

Health Certificate in Japanese

Certificate Authentication

Certificates and Authentication Documents are very important and require anytime anywhere for various purposes. Forgery of these certifications are major problem in the world. Our RFID authentication solution for these certificates, documents, passports and other legal verification documents provide global access code with unique ID and direct verification from the issuing authority anytime anywhere. 

These solutions saves duplicity, forgery and any type of fraud. Also save time for attestation and can be directly verified by issuing authority using RFID Identification marking which cannot be visible  or access without authentic app or reader.

Our solutions includes -

  1. All Education Institutions, both private and government Degrees and certification with RFID implementation with data entry support.

  2. Web portal and mobile app to authenticate anytime as per requirements

  3. Solution for RFID Implementation for Other Legal documentation, House registry, Rent agreement, etc also

  4. Experience certificate and other company certificates

  5. Safety and security implementation 

  6. Authentication access to the documents using OTP system

  7. Training and Technical support 

  8. Data maintenance for secure access and analytics. 

  9. Use case - this solution is implemented in US to speed up the process, less human intervention with easy access so no need to carry documents everywhere.

Running Event or Marathon

Events & Conferences

Hospitality Industry is very sensitive and customer oriented for clients. We help you to make it easy.  Our solutions for the industry .

  • RFID tags with mobile app reader for Events, Races, Parties, Weddings, Seminars and conferences.

  • People/guest/staff tracking in Hotels

  • Room and service management systems

  • Temporary and reusable tags provided with static and movable readers.

  • Parking control system for events, conference and parties with advance booking system integrated with auto-payment system.

  • Hotel Fleet and cab parking and travelling with tracking system for customer.

  • Food and beverages management for regular and specific parties.

  • Asset management system

  • Attendance automation for staff and visitors

  • Access control management system for VIP and general public at events and conferences which includes parking and staying.

Students in Library

Library Management

Our solutions includes -

  1. Big & small libraries management with tagging books, issues and membership system with alert and notification app

  2. School Library books search app using RFID identification number to locate books inside and outside the premises.

  3. Library Books management Web Portal with GPS location facility to get the location and status of the book anytime anywhere

  4. Books tagging using mobile and fixed readers with alert messaging while issuing and receiving

  5. Integration with Vendor management system and used books sell purchase system to help those in need. 

  6. Provide solutions to virtualization of books and available on various portals with or without fees management 

  7. Integration with membership portals and blogs/open platform to share articles, books, notes, projects and study  materials 

  8. Consultation for solution using RFID and Sensors to digitized the educational material for schools, institutions and colleges both private and government.

download (2).jpg

Wearable Solutions

We provide wearable tags for every occasion like parties, small gathering, school picnics, group travel, paid events and more. Our solutions provide wearable for -

  1. Event entry passes

  2. Conference with schedule program.

  3. Patients and hospital visitors with schedule timing alerts and notifications

  4. Parking entry access to park and in/out of parking area without much human intervention. Save time and cost on manpower.

  5. Children ID - both temporary and permanent for attendance and specific events or outings. RFID Tags for Employee attendance, schedule management and Visitors /parents meeting

  6. Integration with Schedule/timing tracker with GPS tracker - Alerts and notifications. We have all types of short range, bluetooth/NFC enabled and long range tags and readers and management web portal / mobile app as per users requirements.

  7. Our tags are reusable and re-writable easy to wear and handling. 

  8. We provide all type of support to implement our solutions, customize, upgrade and integrate existing solutions as per client requirement. Our support available for both hardware and software.

Boy with DIY Robot

School Management

Education industry is now adopting new technologies for the education and children safety and welfare. Our solutions are robust, easy to use and maintain, cost-effective and time saving. We have all types of solutions for the industry which includes - 

  1. School Attendance system - RFID wearable tags, cards with automated attendance marking and tracking with timer, in/out information, tracking location alerts when out of geo-fencing.

  2. We also have Uniform washable and school bag GPS enabled tags to track the students outside the premises with reader/app installation in school buses

  3. Visitors/Parents tags integrated with Web portal 

  4. Employee - Teachers and other school staff attendance RFID solutions with class schedule alerts and notifications

  5. Data analytic tools integration for performance analysis of children and school staff

  6. Library management system

  7. Panic button enabled tags for emergency services and requirements.

  8. Our Skill development program and lab establishment for IOT project to enhance the capability of students and teachers.

  9. Our support and training program exclusively for schools.


Manufacturing Process

Our combined solution of IOT and RFID revolutionize the manufacturing industry with various benefits, some of like - 

  • Tracking of assembling components 

  • Reduce hazardous accidents, wastage of raw material. Control with Monitoring panel 

  • RFID system for Job floor to trace and control /monitor each step of production. Reduce line of sight and provide real time access control system with graphics 

  • Monitor temperature, humidity and other factors with real time data

  • Raw material inventory by centralized auto-update centralized solutions

  • Production scheduling and re-scheduling

  • Waste management system

  • Distribution management system with real time tracking

  • Auto alert system for vendors and realtors

  • Data analytics

  • Systematic asset tracking 

  • Complete supply chain management system with real-time tracking on centralized web portals dashboards

All our solutions are cost-effective and upgradable with customization.

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