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Our concern areas and proposed IOT Project  Solutions

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Railway track Obstruction Sensors

Our railway system is one of the largest in the world and almost impossible to monitor every inch of the rail tracks manually. We are providing IOT/IIOT solutions to monitor track obstruction by any means and help to enable the running it smoothly which includes -

  1. Track Sensors with app for alert notification before specified time.

  2. Monitoring Control board with platform for sensors on tracks

  3. Ultrasonic sensors for animals

  4. Fog sensors for Engines and implementation of monitor screens to check the tracks in non-visible or low visibility areas

  5. Slow down automatic system in case of emergency for every coach

  6. Alert system for rail cabins and stations for non-moving trains in non-stoppage areas

Irrigation System

Smart Irrigation & Soil Health System

Agriculture is the main industry of our country, which require modern techniques and solutions to reduce water scarcity, soil ill-health, crop cycle and damage, protection from animals & storage problems. Our IOT based solutions are here to help all type of farmers with small or large agricultural areas which includes -

  1. RFID Solution for Tree & animal farming

  2. Temperature and moisture sensors for soil health

  3. Auto-irrigation control application enabled dripping, sprinkler & water gun system.

  4. Ultra-sonic sensors for crop protection from wild animals and birds

  5. IOT Sensor and device monitoring platform  for large lands

  6. Auto alerts and notification system for customized attributes like irrigation timers, no-electricity, n water etc

  7. Camera sensors & drone to monitor large agri-land.

  8. Water scaricity alert notification appls for water bodies - private and government.

  9. BI tools to help and manage requirement of water and fertilizers using health sensors and devices.


Smart Power Meter & Energy Conservation 

Energy consumption control system using IOT is our proposed initiative to save electricity leakages, illegal usage, transformers monitoring and theft. We are working in this area to connect all electricity boards with one centralized system, install smart meters which can help auto generating bills with auto-payment system. No manpower will require to take readings. flexible fix date monthly calculation of charges as per meter readings and norms. Detection of overloading ad alert system, Fire alarm with temperature sensors near electrical mains installation and trip the system. Temperature sensors with alarms and notification to fire and ambulance services on the basis of location GPS system. 

Our proposed system includes -

  1. Mobile app to manage and emergency call with auto-detection GPS system to the services

  2. Temperature Sensors

  3. Installation of smart meters with app and training

  4. Proposal of interconnection smart grids to conserve energy and help developing IOT infrastructure with cellular communication channels available & M2M (LTE) solutions


Fleet, Luggage and Personal Tracker System

Tracking systems are the first GPS based IOT projects. Tracking of vehicles, humans, animals, luggage can be helpful for safety and cost. Many countries are using these tracking system to check on luggage and vehicle theft, children safety, etc. Our solutions includes - 

  1. Fleet Tracking system -Platform for monitoring all GPS enabled sensors for moving vehicle and app for alerts and notification, driver registration, location mapping, over-speeding, fuel consumption, etc.

  2. Personal Tracking - Children, employees, old-age people, animal, etc. can be tracked with GPS enabled sensors and app for alerts and notifications. 

  3. Luggage tracking - School bags, Travel bags around the world can be track and monitored using sensors and smart devices including smart phones.

Waste Pickup

Smart Waste Disposal System

Waste Management in our country is still in very poor state. Waste-bin overflows, waste disposal system is not in place. We as an IOT company providing solution for proper waste collection & disposal system and integrate the same to localities and authorities. Our solution includes -

  1. Waste bin fill alert sensors with implementation and software platform to get an alert in both residential and commercial areas.

  2. Connectivity application platform for locality and waste collection authorities both governmental & non-governmental org.

  3. GPS integrated apps and services 

  4. Tracking devices & app for waste collection vehicle

  5. Connectivity app for waste disposal companies for collection of wet and dry waste separately.

  6. Data analytics tool integration for better review and planning

We also provide waste bin sensors for our client and help them to install. Our work mainly for Schools, hospitals and residential areas. We use moisture sensors, ultrasonic sensors, gas sensor and IR Sensors. We also design customize solutions. 


Smart phone sensor app for various IOT solutions

Use of smart phone is now essential part of our society. IOT is now using these smartphones as remote devices to control home security & appliances, personal safety, business reports, etc with the help of app. We use sensors and connectivity app for controlling & monitoring machines, vehicles and employees. 

  • Attendance system using Bluetooth technology reduces cost and time with accurate results

  • Employee tracking system with zone mapping can reduce overhead costs and employee misconducts. Good for sales and field executives.

  • Home equipment & electrical gadgets with IOT sensors and devices connect with single app using mobile as remote from anywhere.

  • Vehicle tracking, luggage and personal tracking for children and old age people via cellular technologies and GPS enabled app 

  • Health monitoring app anytime & anywhere - cellular connectivity with nearby hospital location and panic button for calling ambulance 

  • Safety app with panic button - alert with location & auto call for nearby police station or any emergency services

  • Parking availability & auto-booking app as per destination with GPS searching area facility for both long-term and short-term parking.



Warehouse Auto-control Inventory System

Warehouse Inventory management for both governmental and non-governmental product based organisations. We facilitate all sizes of Warehouses by implementing following IOT & RFID based solutions -

  1. RFID tags for Products in warehouse to auto-update inventory for in-coming and out-going material

  2. Temperature & humidity control sensors for cold storage with monitoring application

  3. Sensor locking system for safe distribution with auto-updatation inventory

  4. Material tracking and space allocation system with auto-navigation for items

  5. Camera sensors for authorized access and item movement

  6. Weight tags and readers for specific type of items.

  7. GPS enabled storage space location for monitoring items theft, damage, quantity or movement


Smart Home Appliance & Safety Control System

Smart homes concept emerges with the requirements of safety, air pollution and energy saving systems. All equipment are come up with IOT technologies, like AC with air purify and control  sensors, Fridge, washing machines, microwave, lights, fan, gas etc. 

We implement smart home sensors and single app to control them using smart phone as remote. We integrate sensors available in market  with customer support services and also provide customize solutions as per user's requirements. Our solutions includes -

  1. Light and other electrical equipment control sensors with smart phone

  2. AC air purifier sensors

  3. Gas detection sensors

  4. Camera motion  sensors

  5. customize app to control all equipment using single remote

  6. Sensor locks and face detection camera sensors

  7. Temperature control senors for all weathers 

  8. and other safety sensors & devices


We also work for societies, commercial and residential, school and college buildings especially for fire control system, water pressure sensors, building safety sensors etc.


Car Park

Smart Traffic & Parking system

Large cities & metropolitan cities have one major issues which needs serious attention  - parking and traffic jams due to illegal parking. Both Traffic police, City infrastructure for road and transportation, and automobile companies can do the miracles with the help of IOT technologies. Most of the developed countries using many IOT based solutions to resolve the same which also include the CO2 emission control for better environment. We also proposed various IOT solution -

  • Re-organised and find available parking space. Using Data analytics and AI to find out the requirement of parking space and traffic jams scenarios in rush hours

  • Propose to re-build/build IR motion sensors and camera sensors in-built infrastructure with app and pre-payment time-bound parking reservation system

  • RFID tags implemented system for authentication and authorization of users - various categories

  • GPS enabled app with searching facility as per destination for parking and reservation

  • Parking alerts for overtime, pre-occupation of space and non-availability in required area with suggestive location option for parking

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