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IT Support Services

Our team of Technical executives, support technicians and software and hardware specialists are here to help you at every level of hardware, software, & networking services at onsite and off-site. Our client can hire or outsource to us and we will manage under privacy terms & SLA. We provide our resource, if require to support your IT Team and train them for self-service. We believe in long-term partnership. You need, contact us by SMS, Email or Telephone 24/7. Our main focus on Scalability, Qulaity and Re-usability.  Our problem-solving methods are totally customer-centeric. You can customize your requirement and we will send you price. Our solutions are cost-effective and efficient.

Why Choose us -

  1. Domain Knowledge Experts

  2. No hidden costs

  3. Customer Satisfaction

  4. Flexible plans

  5. Quality

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IT Infrastructure

We provide complete IT infrastructure  system for your existing or new setup for implementation of any business  application. We have support for -

  • Design Server Architecture

  • Prepare Network Architecture

  • Re-plan & Re-location of existing

  • Automate systems - Intranet Based

  • Asset Management

  • Technology enhancement

  • Project Management

  • Customize solution for existing infra



Network Hub and Cable

Network Management

We provide all support for Network installation and monitoring the performance of internet bandwidth, our service includes -

  • Internet Connectivity monitoring

  • Network connectivity distribution bandwidth monitoring

  • Firewall & VPN Administration

  • Anti-virus and Anti-spam implementation

  • Router and Switch management

  • Hacking & Intrusion protection support

  • Emergency support & Network troubleshooting

  • Complete Cyber Security implementation.


Hosting Services

We are here to reduce efforts to find-out best hosting services and save your time with providing best hosting services includes -

  • Cloud Hosting  for Web and Data

  • Enterprise  Solution management

  • DNS Services Management

  • Email Hosting Services

  • Bulk SMS & Chat management

  • ISMS Implementation

  • Data and Cyber Security Management

  • Product Demo Server Management


Common Services

Our general and customize IT Support services are -

  • Application monitoring & Issue resolutions

  • Route Cause analysis

  • Technological and network enhancements

  • Hot fixes and patches 

  • Release servicing 

  • IT Asset Management & IT Helpdesk

  • Workstation activity monitoring

  • Remote installation

  • System cleanup & performance management

  • Security Patch management

  • Database and internet activity monitoring

Server Installation

Server Management

We also provide solutions for server management for server infrastructure. Our system and server admin team will support our clients both onsite and offsite. Also we are available on call to guide on board team anytime. We have support for -

  • Database server management

  • Web Server Management

  • System Administration

  • Software installation & Upgradation

  • Security Implementation

  • Networking & Migration

  • Windows back-end service mngt.

  • Server Backup plan & BCP plan for disaster control.

Informative Interview

Training & Hiring

We also provide resources for our clients on part-time, full-time or on probation temporary basis for following ares -

  • Network Engineers

  • System Admin Managers

  • Sys Admin Associates

  • Technical Executives

  • Software Installation support engineer

  • DBA for DBMS

  • Technical & Mechanical Engineers

  • Hardware engineers

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