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IOT & IIOT Solutions with AI, BI Tools & Data Analytics

IOT (Internet of Things), IIOT ( Industrial Internet of Things - Industry 4.0), Artificial intelligence, Machine language, Big data analytics are from same world of smart solutions. IOT Sensors & Devices in connection with various type of machines and appliances using internet connectivity to control them from anywhere anytime. Data collection and analysis using artificial intelligence and big data solutions to predicts upcoming challenges in no time, real time data processing available anywhere and everywhere is now transforming the business and personal world.

As an IOT company and having good research for implementation in various industries like Storage warehousing, automate inventory, Smart Transportation, energy consumption, smart irrigation and soil health devices for agriculture industries, M2M industrial solutions for smart manufacturing, personal safety, vehicle safety, luggage tracking, child tracking and more. We also provide the centralized IOT platform to monitor and control sensors and devices with dynamic real-time data access reports. We also develop customize software solutions, platform, API, firmwares for IOT hardware devices and RFID - to know more about our solutions go to the links given below  and contact us at 

Internet Of Things

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We provide all types of IOT Solutions which includes following solution - 

Integrate IOT Platform, Customize API & Web Services, Integrate Sensors & Devices, Data Analytics & Customized reports, Graphical Dashboard,  Notification Services using mail and SMS , Customized IOT platform & integration of third party tools, firmware & networking protocols. To know more details -

AI & ML Projects


AI & Robotics is now fast growing industry, We are soon enter in this industry to make peoples life more easier and make machines your friends and share the burden. Environment, Health, Home assistance, warehouse loading, read your mind and data analytics for better decision making .. To know more about our solution - 

Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet of things is a technology one step ahead of simple automation using enterprise softwares which really made life easier for management level but still there is requirement of  sensing and controlling with much human intervention from anywhere anytime. We provide all type of industrial solutions and implementing customize sensors & devices solutions.

BI & Big Data


Big data analytics is modern & dynamic reporting system in general terms available in easy to use methods and tools. We design, develop, customize and integrate BI Tools for better representation of analytical data. We do data collection, processing and analysis. Integrate BI tools and API's. To know more about our solutions -  

RFID Solutions

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RFID is now slowly replacing the cards activities, events, bar codes, attendance systems & human and Luggage tracking. Our team of experts implement software solutions and hardware integration solutions. We also provide online/onsite support & maintenance. We have all types of innovative and Low cost & time saving solutions with latest high-end technology 

Use Cases


IOT enabled solutions are smart solutions which affects every aspects of people's life. IOT smart solution available for home, vehicles, buildings, traffic, roads, transportation, agriculture, machines, appliances, security, food & storage, energy, waste, water, environment etc. To know about the real life uses case, click on arrow given below - 

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