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IOT - Knock the door with our end-to-end solutions

KnockIOT, as it name implies come-up with complete IOT solutions having innovative and improvisation solutions for your business requirements. We design & plan IOT solution, integrate sensors and devices and implement software solutions to transform your business. It helps at all levels of organisation like information flow, data processing, automated system manage by sensors, monitoring dashboards, centralized control, health check functionalities and much much more. We provide Cloud solutions, embedded solutions, Edge computing solutions, Gateways and routers integration services, IOT communication  connectivity, API Services and IOT Platform for device management which includes simplification of sensors data and customized reports with real time data. We provide both hardware and software integration with control panel platform. Also integrate third party tools and software like ERP, CRM, HRMS, SCM,, BI Tools etc. to manage your devices, sensors, equipment and machines for health check monitoring and treatments. Our motive is to transform your business (Product or service based) with latest technologies to save cost, increase ROI, accurate predictive result for future plans and market strategies, increase visibility over the global market and continuous growth. IOT is much much more than digital transformation.

What we offer in IOT solutions please check our Project Use cases or Contact us for more details at

IOT Platform & Device Mngt.

  • Integration with  IoT Platform, third party application, External APIs like Google Map API and more

  • We customize and maintain IOT platforms as per client's requirement

  • Create Rest APIs, Web services for all programmable sensors

  • Data Storage on Cloud / Physical servers & Reporting services

  • We integrate all types of sensors and devices

  • Provide installation support & Maintenance Services provided

  • Provide usage training, Configure modules and  customization

  • Health check monitoring panel and dashboard

  • Create Rest APIs, Web services for all programmable sensors

  • Integration with Bi Tools and Data analytics tools

  • Technical Support and Consultation

  • Write algorithms for your sensors for dynamic reporting and visualization

  • Customize graphical Dashboard for both mobile and Desktop to view real life data stream from Sensors and Devices

  • Monitoring and Health check reports 


Outsourcing & Hiring Services

Business Handshake

We also provide outsourcing service and hiring our team for your work with dedicate and shared resources. Our team will work at your location or you can outsource work to dedicated team at your. We provide complete secure environment to our clients. We offer following services -

  1. Sensor Integration services - API module for connectivity and simplification of data

  2. Third party IOT & device management platform, cloud service integration, BI Tools integration, customized sensors and devices

  3. AI algorithms, Customized dynamic reporting services with graphical dashboard for real-time data

  4. Create customized prototype sensor modules using Raspberry PI and Arduino board for specific requirements

  5. Develop app for wearable devices to minimize mobile usage

  6. Provide training to client's team & project management support for IOT solutions

  7. We work with both programmable and non-programmable sensors and devices. We also integrate Sensors with their own app and firmware with existing system including database restructure & redesign work, help with user manual and support documentation   and provide support and training

Software Technologies

We also develop sensor integration services, networking protocol services, API data simplification services, IOT device management platform and mobile app with real-time data access on graphical dashboard, health check reports and algorithm for sensors and devices. Monitoring platforms, BI tools and ERP/CRM integration services. Our development team have expertise in following technologies - 
  • Front-end Language for UI - C#, Java, AngularJS, JASON, Dot net, Node JS, JavaScript, jscript, PHP, GO (by Google), SWIFT, Rust (by Mozilla) etc.

  • Back-end Language for API an web services - JASON, C++, C#, Java, etc.

  • Sensors and Devices Embedded services language - Python, Java

  • Algorithms for ML & AI - Python, Java

  • Database - MongDB, My SQL, SQL Server, Oracle

  • Data analytics - Hadoop & Spark

  • Integration with Microsoft BI, Tableau, and other third party BI tools

  • Integration & customization on various IOT platform available in the market like -Cumulocity, AWS, ThingWorx, CISCO, IBM Watson and more

Edge Computing Solutions


Edge computing is new emerging technology in IOT world. IOT is completely based on real time data process system. Cloud computing and technology provide easy to access and process sensor data but still the accuracy and time is not enough. Distance between end devices and control center affected accuracy and relevance of real-time data. Hence latest technology resolving the issue is Edge computing 

We provide set-up and solutions for distributed data centers installation and end device connectivity services. It helps our clients to get real-time decision making power, saving cost and time on bandwidth volumes and low latency rate required by modern tracking sensors like drones, camera senors, fleet movement tracking, and others

More autonomous technology implementation low latency rate & accuracy required like automatic cars, equipment, and machinery with no human intervention. We provide all type of edge computing solutions and hardware which includes -

  1. Base Station connectivity and installation

  2. Local data center installation and connectivity modules

  3. Local gateways and routers for data access and simplification with low latency rate

  4. IOT Sensors and devices implementation

IOT Consultation Services

Brainstorm to Success

We also provide consultation services for our client to find out the IOT implementation with current system for any type of industry and its benefits. IOT is an emerging sector touched every aspect of human life. This high-end technology resolving many issues like traffic, pollution, health care, insurance, safety, tracking etc. Whether it's product manufacturing industry or service provider companies, IOT make easy in terms of predictive analysis, accurate decision making process, automate system and process, alerts and notification in emergency, human-safety and use of autonomous machines in hazards area/zone. We help our client to decide what, how and why is the requirement of IOT implementation.

Embedded systems are now growing IOT solutions which make it possible to connect sensors and devices with software solutions either existing or customized. These systems can be fixed or programmable and very well worked for connectivity networking protocols for IOT architecture. Help to design system for smart devices, machines, appliances, industrial equipment, medical equipment, automobile, home appliance, mobiles and much more. We create embedded hardware & firmware for specific IOT requirements using various wireless connectivity protocols like 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth and LPWA. We provide embedded solutions to our clients and support in installation, training and maintenance of hardware and softwares. We support  Aviation, agriculture and railways industries.

For more details please contact us.

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