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Industries We cover with our 360 degree Solutions

IOT (Internet of things), Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning is changing the Industrial point of view. Adaptation of IIOT make high impact on quality, quantity and costing. Monitoring manufacturing units like lubricants and filters in hydraulic Valve lowered maintenance cost, eliminate human intervention etc. Major benefit - Minimize return on Capital and increase profitability with easy maintenance of quality control as per ISO standards. Smart Metering resolve all customer issues and give more control. Asset Tracking is the major revolution by IOT, Tracking vehicle, fleets increase safety in transportation . There  are more upcoming areas which can eliminate the manual operation and human  intervation.


Current market for IOT is 248 billion US dollar and it is increasing very fast. 


Manufacturing Units

Industrial IOT - Machine to Machine connectivity with AI



Rail track monitoring, humanless crossing alerts, prevent delays in rainy season

Vintage Bookstore


Auto Attendance, Tracking students, Using AI, suggest career option and more


Health & Insurance

Record patient Data, using AI, analyse health suggest remedies, calculate cost



RFID & Tracking Solutions can transform into profitable & manageable



Sensors & devices for building infrastructure minimize loss and damage alerts can save life and insurance money



Safety of luggage, Suggest & provide solution in bad weather or danger, Use of AI improves aviation

Outdoor Dinner

Event & Media Industry

RFID solutions for Event, parties and media industry


Road & Transport

Road Safety, Parking Chaos, Fleet Tracking & Theft Safe

Fresh Salad

Food & Products

Food Quality and Products manufacturing date monitoring, automatic inventory updation

Happy Family

Personal Safety

Human Tracking, Wild life tracking for counting. Safety for children and elders


Hospitality & Tourism

Quality of rooms, material improves, auto alert system in case of any emergency occurs

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