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Cloud Computing Certification Courses

Course Price

$1099 (Discounted)

Course length

Weekend / Weekdays classes

Cloud Computing Certification Courses


Industrial Experts

Edureka’s Masters Program is a thoughtful compilation of Instructor -Led and Self Paced Courses, allowing the learners to be guided by industry experts, as well as learn skills at their own pace. In the Cloud Architect Masters Program, AWS Architect Certification Training, Migration Applications to AWS Training, DevOps Certification training and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Training are Instructor-led Online Courses. Python Scripting, Fundamentals of Cloud Computing, Docker, Azure, and AWS Development are self-paced Courses

About the course

Here we talk about, very popular, extensive and complete masters program - Cloud Architect Masters Program, which includes - Extensive Program with 11 courses, 200 hours of training and CapStone Project which will provide you a business case.

Cloud Masters Program makes you proficient in designing, planning, and scaling cloud implementation. It includes training in Python, Cloud Computing, AWS Architectural Principles, Migrating Applications on Cloud and DevOps. The curriculum has been determined by extensive research on 5000+ job descriptions across the globe.
Avg. salary earned by Cloud Architect is around $155,581 per annum.

Link to Register -

Original Price - $3,029
Program Includes -
1. Python Scripting Certification Training - Week 5-6, 10 Modules, 30 hours, 6 skills - $199
2. Fundamental of Cloud computing - Week 4-5, 8 Modules, 24 hours, 8 skills - $119
3. AWS Architect Certification Training - Week 4-5, 8 Modules, 24 hours, 10 skills - $499
4. Migrating Applications to AWS Training - Week 4-5, 8 Modules, 24 hours, 5 skills - $299
5. DevOps Certification Training - WEEK 6-7,12 Modules, 36 Hours, 8 Skills - $499
6. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Training - Week 4-5, 10 Modules, 30 Hours, 7 Skills - $499
Included 5 Free Courses -
1. Python Essentials
2. Mastering Perl Scripting Certification Training
3. Docker Training and Certification
4. Microsoft Azure Certification Training
5. AWS Development

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